Thursday, August 26, 2010

Model resting

soft and hard pastels on Ingres paper cropped 2007

conté on beige printing paper 20"x26" 1990
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Resting for the model may not be particularly restful, anymore than it is necessarily restful for the person who is doing the drawing. 
But there is definitely a state between waking and sleeping that takes a resting position. Yet, it may be just a useful conceit to establish the illusion of rest that may be in fact, a complete lie - After a short time the model may have been excruciatingly uncomfortable in maintaing a pose simply to satisfy the whim of the capricious drawer. 


  1. But that's true with so many jobs isn't it?
    You're not capricious. I love how the British voice on the online dictionary says that word.
    Far from it. You are focused and fantastic. I hope you're enjoying this alliteration.

    Super work. Stunningly good.

    Love Barbara

  2. Wonderful expressive drawings Marcia.
    Now that you've covered 1990 and 2007, hope
    you're planning on getting back to your drawing.
    Would love to see more.

  3. Yes, yes - I am enjoying the alliteration! It resonates - especially in keeping with the conversation we had earlier, vis-à-vis words beginning with 'f'. I hope we're not being overly silly and self congratulatory - I mean me, not you.
    As for the Brits - they can pronounce almost any word and make it sound uproarious, simply too, too funny' as an Evelyn Waugh character would have said in Scoop, if memory serves.

    love Marcia

  4. Thank you Doug for your lovely comments!

    One of my reasons for posting older work is because I am in the process of sorting through clutter and stacks of drawings in my studio and deciding what to keep and what to throw out - that's my rationale - making space for new work.
    Actually I'm finding it a valuable experience to do this because I'm seeing older work with fresh eyes.
    But still I think you are right. You have made an excellent point. I ought to be more in the moment. No excuses.

  5. I love both of these drawings so much--and for different reasons. The first: Oh my, such lovely watercolor-like line and shading. The second: Fabulous chiaroscuro and the paper, wow, all gorgeous!

    It's a good thing to make space for new work. I hope you won't be too harsh with the older pieces.

    P. S. Can't imagine how hard it is to model...Always looks excruciatingly painful.

  6. Hi Marcia - lovely drawings! I am loving the way you portrayed the foot in the bottom one - so difficult to do, but you just did a beautiful job. And the foreshortening is wonderful - great job all around!

  7. Melinda - thank you so much for the lovely, supportive and enthusiastic comments you left for me.
    I am ashamed that I've waited so long, until now to acknowledge and respond to them.
    Every now and then I have a tendency to drop things in mid air. Well we spent most of September in Montreal and we're going back on the weekend for a few days.
    I offer this lamely as an excuse and hope that you will make allowances for my protracted silence!

  8. Connie
    Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on my drawings!
    I have been away for most of September and am only now finding some time to blog. I continue to find your figurative work an inspiration!
    Thank you again!