Tuesday, August 10, 2010

two back poses and re:notation

George, turned away with his back to us – reminds me of a kind of warrior. A gentle warrior with phenomenal reflexes. 
 Both are done with vine and compressed charcoal on white bond, 18"x24" Click to enlarge.

With regards to the previous post – I find it hard to be satisfied with the acidity of the color shown - in spite of   the miraculous capabilities of Canon, I'm still somewhat inept at manipulating its settings at this point in time. 

I found this photograph that I took at the actual place where I did this painting, seen in the previous post - but then for some reason  overlooked it. It represents much better the real colors – I think a fair facsimile or at least a reasonable compromise.


  1. Three cheers for George. Super drawings inspired by warrior George. I know what you mean about photography. I've taken photos in the same spot of the same work, on different days with the same night lighting and the results look like two different paintings. Outside is best in the shade on a sunny day. However you photograph it your work is magnifico!


  2. Thank you Lady Barbara!!!!
    xoxoxoxoxoxoxo Marcia