Sunday, August 15, 2010

At any time of day

Two watercolor brush drawings, the first done in Toronto, the second done recently.
woman thinking
watercolor approximate size 16"x20" Saunders

How much of an inner life can we permit ourselves on blog land without  revealing or exposing some vulnerability that ought to be kept hidden.
But then we can camouflage our feelings by tossing off remarks flippantly or in jest, providing a protective patina - this surely is the art of conversation, small talk - and how assiduously we practise it and how seamlessly it works - we hope.
But most artists try to practise the opposite - i.e. wearing their hearts on their sleeves! I'm all for that - working on it.

 small meditation - generic flowers - 
 7"x9" watercolor pad fabriano

Thank you Barbara Muir for talking me up on your fabulous blog and helping me tame the critic within. 
And while I'm at it - happy birthday to you darling Jenny!


  1. Hi Marcia,
    Let's face it, so much of our private lives is not especially worth sharing. We do dishes and laundry, make the bed, cut up vegetables. It isn't all cool, or inspiring. I think we share the parts that are... to us. I mean dishes and laundry are very cool painting subjects. Okay you know what I mean. Great paintings and a big Happy Birthday to Jenny.

    Love Barbara

  2. Barbara,
    Thank you - great insight - You are so right. not to mention all the housework connected with cleaning brushes and palettes and gessoing and pounding clay etc...... what a narrative, just a plain old kvetch I am!

    love you, Marcia