Friday, September 5, 2014

¾ symmetrical view

You can build up resistance from doing nothing.
I woke up this morning from a surprisingly strenuous dream whereby  I was participating in a yoga class, more or less captive,  although I hadn’t been to a yoga workout in years. Every nerve, cell and muscle in my sedentary body was on the floor,  up against a wall straining and stretching  to emulate a difficult position with limbs crossed in every direction.  Simple conformity on my part would surely have spelled success, but try as I might the convoluted pose eluded me.
Just a  dream I reminded myself -all due to  the heat or the late night snack? Nevertheless I resolved to sign  up for a therapeutic beginners yoga starting next week.

 pastel on strathmore 18"x24"
The model is in fact a yoga teacher
MCL(marciacohenlabelle) © 2014


  1. A yoga dream, and a magnificent drawing! Beautiful work. That sounds like one of those hectoring dreams pushing for self improvement. That kind of dream makes me want to eat chocolate! Thanks for calling me little Muir. Yes she does live in the downtown where all the intellectuals (sic) live. (That cannot be true). She also lives on an acre of land surrounded by tall vigorous pines and apple trees, and roses. There she needs to be aware of the local bear who may appear near the hospital, and has been advised to back up calmly and get inside the hospital without taking pictures if she sees the local bear. ;-)

    1. Lovely, funny, sweet comment, thank you!
As a sweetie, Barbara I think you’d be tempted to jump at any excuse for chocolate! I think the dream had more to do with survival and reestablishing a modicum of flexibility - v out of shape I move like someone two or three times my age. 
Yikes your local bear in NS sounds impressive - is he running for office, is he a left leaning liberal, maybe it’s a she. Regardless of gender distance is mandatory.
My one encounter with a bear was from a kayak off one of the Vancouver islands. A mommy bear was feeding her cubs near the shore - got a few surreptitious shots before paddling furiously away.
      Loved your last post and before that the one of your visit with Larry and Flora!

      xo, Marcia