Saturday, September 6, 2014

Prior to waking up

Another dream of breathless exertion. This time I awoke from climbing an almost vertical street covered with snow over treacherous patches of ice on my way to an art gallery in downtown Hamilton. 
A tricky climb, I struggled on hands and knees past a new development of  identical one storey bungalows set far back  from the street  before  finally  reaching the small storefront gallery which to my excitement was also a coffee house atop this crazy man made mountain. As I paid for a cup of steaming coffee and a cookie I questioned  their wisdom of situating their gallery atop a hill. Their reply came as a question - "Have you never been to NY?"  I couldn’t understand what bearing that had on anything - but I said I used to live in NY tying to recall in what way if any NY was known for  hills - dreams have their own unfathomable rules - nor do I recall taking one sip of that coffee or one bite of that cookie before waking up. Hungry.

pastel and charcoal on strathmore 18"x24"
MCL(marciacohenlabelle) © 2014


  1. Wow I like it all. The dream. Getting to a gallery on a hill, in New York. There is a bit of a slope between Times Square and the MoMA! And coffee and cookies right there. The MoMA. It has it all, and should have your work for sure!

    XOXOXOXOXO Barbara

    1. Thank you, Barbara! That’s a wonderful interpretation that I would love to go along with but topographically there’s not the remotest resemblance to NY - it was one of those jeering, mocking dreams resplendent with taunting non sequiturs, i know because the dream had a prologue which discretion doesn’t allow me to reveal. The following night I had a sequel whereby I was on top of a shaking ladder scraping paint hanging on and falling off simultaneously. Clearly I’m trying to ascend to a higher level but I need to establish a more secure support.
      xo, Marcia

  2. The foreshortening, the way the foot describes the floor, the lost and found lines - just wonderful, absolutely wonderful!

  3. Thank you so much, Connie, your comment means a great deal to me particularly since I am a fan of your beautiful work!