Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Draft - menu for all tastes

As D and I walked home on Locke St.  past Democracy,  a recently opened restaurant (v likely named after John Locke) -  - we toyed with opening our own multi-ethnic eatery and calling it Theocracy after no one in particular. 
We played and tossed around ideas for a menu with a broad, multi-denominational flavour:
For Jews - blintzes bagels and borscht
For Christians – meat and potatoes with a side of coleslaw – Friday maybe loaves and fishes,  canned peas
For Muslims -  baba ghanoush. humus, lamb stew, couscous
For atheists – tea and counseling – liquor license pending
For Buddhists - vegetarian tofu and beans

For the excommunicated - penance, Perrier water

Divinity students  would serve
Who would cook – maybe catered
Investors welcomed

Or we could call our eatery Autocracy and just serve cake,  plain and simple. Cake for the masses or special gourmet cakes for the elites and upper classes,  all on a late summer afternoon. 

Marcia LaBelle mcohenlabelle and David Cohen © 2014

oil on masonite
Marcia LaBelle mcohenlabelle  © 2009


  1. Okay you and D need help with the menu. As an atheist I protest. We eat everything. In fact here in the big city people mix it up pretty regularly. But you made me laugh. Let them eat cake, she said. But she lost her head over it. Better to stick to more low calorie fare. Love the painting.

  2. Belated thank you Barbara for your charming comment. of course needless to say I’ve presented a very, modest, partial menu primarily as a joke.
    Of course you would eat most everything as you as you paint and celebrate most everything - a positive and inclusive approach to life which I heartily subscribe to and applaud!