Friday, February 17, 2012


Years ago my mother wrote in a poem that winter is more mind than snow – but this winter it’s hardly even that – the snow seems to vanish before it even makes an appearance. Fleeting - hardly a trace of the snowfall from last weekend.  We were lucky to enjoy the stuff while it lasted, last Tuesday, Valentine's day.

 Part of a cottage at a Catholic retreat - Wilson St., Ancaster 
pastel on watercolour paper - 9½ x 14½


  1. Oh…I love this! Marcia, do you paint the paper first? With watercolour?

    1. Flora, thank you! I stretch the paper first - then to give it more tooth I might gesso it with ground pumice added - then I tone it often with a cheap pastel, in this case an earth red - then I'm ready to cover it with the good stuff.
      Btw I really enjoyed watching your demonstrations! You are truly an angel to do this!
      also belated Happy New Year to you and Larry
      xo Marcia

  2. Lovely work. I enjoy your skill at building a sense of architecture, whether it is a building or a body.

    Should I wish that you have more snow?! I've heard some people complain about it, but I can imagine that the absence of it can be just as disturbing (as a state of mind, of course).

  3. Thank you, Melinda!
    Yes my state of mind in this regard is sometimes one of ambivalence.
    We’re not in the snow belt and this winter we’ve hardly had any of the white stuff which understandably affects the light on short days. But the days are getting longer and we do get the occasional flurry. So when the snow comes it’s like magic, if you know what I mean.
    xo, Marcia