Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mixed precipitation

And the odd mixed feeling to go with it. It didn’t hold off,  snow turning into rain – but I went anyway. Lovely snow – this is Canada after all. Moreover,  I found an alcove and didn’t need to use my umbrella. There was also a chair and table, two chairs actually. Comfy  like a five star hotel really with a view but no bathroom so I checked out after an hour and a half.

Catholic retreat - Mont St. Mary, Ancaster 
oil on paper - 16"x10"

as above, oil and pastel on paper - 16"x12"


  1. Oh Marcia, this is wonderful!! That oil on paper piece is so rich and atmospheric. Love it!

    1. Hi Marcia,
      I've had a heck of a time trying to get to comment. Don't know what's up. But love these, and what a braveheart you are. You cook a mean chicken soup too. Talent wherever you turn.



    2. Thank you Kim! part of me thought I was crazy to go out in that weather but it was worth it.

    3. Thank you Barbara! Perhaps a brave and foolish heart - come to think of it - it was a good day for chicken soup!
      love, Marcia

  2. Really love the top one.
    Like to see someone who is
    actually painting.
    Keep it up Marcia.

  3. Amazing work! These are painterly and very strong, once again. Are you finding the retreat contemplative, enjoyable? Your work is full of goodness.

    Yes, I think of snow as magical, especially because it is so rare here. It does happen about every five years, though, and the mountains nearby get some great snow, even if short lived.

    Love your work!

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment, Melinda!
      I agree that snow is magical when it happens, giving the landscape a sweep and a certain kind of special charge – but this winter it’s been surprisingly absent.
      I have a thought though – you’ll come to us for snow and we’ll go to you for sand! How does that strike you?!

  4. Thank you Doug - I certainly enjoy the paintings you've done recently!