Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A quiet assembly

"Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party" and this sort of five finger exercise could  just as easily apply to  still life’s that lean against anonymous walls when they could just as easily make a brief appearance on one’s blog. I did this still life almost two  years ago – the set up was against a wall in my bedroom which I left to its own devices for several weeks after I stopped painting it. It is therefore  neither finished nor unfinished. 
A friend brought the bowl from Italy, the pitcher is an historical replication of a certain kind of pottery from the Knox Allbright  in Buffalo (vague),  the vase once held beautiful plum tree blossoms, the blue bottle once contained oil, the grater once grated lemon zest and the barely decipherable object in front of the grater was a drain stopper for a bathroom sink. 

14"x11" oil on illustration board


  1. I like everything about this painting and the description of it. Super still life "neither finished or unfinished," and the kind of collection that grows and multiplies in interesting houses.


    Love Barbara

  2. Interesting choice of subject matter! Just shows one can paint anything and make it interesting. I like your drawings

  3. Thank you Barbara! I once had a teacher who thought that painting was like a meal - you prepare it, you serve it, and hopefully you eat it and enjoy it - so in that sense perhaps it is finished - in a sense - although, in reality, I know I have a lot of unfinished work.

    love, Marcia

  4. Thank you so much Page, for your comments and for visiting my blog!!!

  5. Ciao, mi sono soffermato ad osservare questa composizione, mi attira molto per la forma e per i colori, veri e falsi nello stesso tempo. Vita che è divenuta arte come del resto sarebbe bello che fosse sempre. Buona giornata e buon Settembre. Luigi.

  6. Grazie Luigi. Io desidero che io parlai la Sua bella lingua così che io potrei rispondere con fuori chiedendo assistenza Reverso. Io apprezzo la Sua gentilezza nel fare commenti sul mio lavoro.

    grazie di nuovo!