Friday, August 26, 2011

Man with pole

This drawing dates back to fall last year when we were privileged on a rare occasion to draw from a wonderful male model.  The second drawing is of a kneeling woman – a short pose and quasi anatomical to help me understand the pose better.

click to enlarge

compressed charcoal and conté on colonial text 
20"x26" approx

conté and compressed charcoal on cartridge 18x24"


  1. Beautiful, strong, energy-filled and confident. That's what I see in these two drawings.

    You have a way with problem solving with the figure, that is admirable too.

  2. Melinda if you consider me a problem solver I glow! - for me I think that to be the highest praise!!!
    Thank you for that! You too, dear Melinda!!!


  3. I agree, problem solver. But I confess it never looks like you have a problem.

    Love the drawings.



  4. I assure you Barbara, I have a good many problems which I devote great time and energy to concealing. But v sweet of you to cast your vote of confidence in my direction!
    As I read recently on Lady Melinda’s blog all us artists are problem solvers yep! You too, sweetie.
    I love the drawing of your young man – how you’ve captured that hint of moodiness and rebellion below the surface in his demeanour!

    love, Marcia

  5. Marcia! I adore the way you feel your drawings, they are really full of strong energy... there is so much to see... dramatic, extreme power! And the way you draw, also strong and gentle at the same time is wonderful!

  6. Your comments give me such wonderful energy, Kathrin, thank you!!! Regardless of the results, drawing has always been an essential experience for me.
    I look forward to more of your wonderful work!
    Take care, Marcia

  7. wonderful lines Marcia! love those ribs as well!

  8. Wow Rahina, thank you so much your comments - it's made my day!!!
    I'm looking forward to more of your beautiful portraits!