Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Toront days

I was in Toronto yesterday visiting my daughter who wanted feedback on buying a winter coat, balancing warmth with style. Where as I might wrap myself in an old Hudson Bay blanket, it's not an option for her to turn up at Berlitz where she teaches in the Financial District, dressed like that. Or for that matter at the Jackman centre where they are in rehearsal for an operetta and an opera in concert. When I lived in Toronto I used to cycle year round. In winter I wore a second hand navy pea jacket, if that is in fact what they’re called. But it didn’t cover my bum so when I cycled my upper torso was warm and hands and head did OK, but other parts suffered the elements. When we moved to Hamilton, this garment got donated to a friend who had his eye on it. My husband’s generosity.

This drawing, compressed charcoal, is from when I lived in TO..


  1. Ya see! Lucky you with this brilliant drawing at hand. Good gracious woman, but you are one gifted soul!

    Terrifying. This must have made you happy, posting this beauty!


  2. Thank you Barbara. I have stacks of drawings lying around, some under beds and sofas – not that the world at large needs to know that. Anyway I figure it’s a good thing to photograph some of them with the help of my dear friend canon and iphoto. i.e. have camera, will shoot. xoxoxoxo Marcia