Sunday, November 22, 2009

First Post

Portrait of Peter, ciment fondu, recently chipped out of a waste mould.

Putting my toe in water is the first step for one who loves to swim. But I am cowardly. There is my big toe poised in mid air, above the chlorinated bath. Staring into middle distance I use a mix of downright force and gentle persuasion to urge myself to heave myself into the salubrious pool. There’s invariably a hesitation, I could step in, jump in dive in fall in, - just do the length, I’ll count them, keep score it’s so good for me and when its over that will be so good for me, too. I’ll glow from heady exertion.

Much I suspect is the case with blogging. We have to wear clothes. It’s a northern climate. To what extent do we undress? How much of ourselves do we expose. Layer upon layer gets peeled away. I imagine after awhile it will become second nature, effortless, barely noticeable.

This is a head of Peter, a business man. He gets up every morning at 5:30 to lift weights. That’s how he starts his day. When he sat for me, he regaled me for several weeks with stories and insights about everything, He has a kind of encyclopedic knowledge, and a lovely refreshing sarcastic wit. I would prolong the sittings just to hear him talk. From him I know there’s water on the moon.


  1. Hurray!

    A genius is reborn. You are way too deep for me,
    but what a superb artist. I too have been guilty from time to time of prolonging sessions that weren't at all productive, just to prolong a delightful conversation.

    Quit all the nerves. If anyone ever says a mean thing, (which they won't) you delete the comment completely oh great one!

    I stand in awe.


  2. I can see this is going to be a fascinating and erudite blog! Keep it coming!

  3. Muir, Thank you. You are a sweetie - you always make me laugh. No I am not very deep, I know you are pulling Marcia’s leg with that one! I am not very deep and you are not very superficial. I feel ridiculously elated by your comment. I always felt your invisible hand urging me on with this. Without your inspiration and encouragement I doubt I’d have made it even as far as the profile. Profiles are fun, aren’t they? It seems one can do and redo them endlessly – I’ll resist that temptation.


  4. Hi Martin. What a delight to find your comment. I thought of you the other night when we met a public health doctor from Glasgow. He does public health teaching in Gaza at Birzeit University as part of an NGO team set up by Rita Giacaman. He has a splendid brogue as your own.

    Hasta Luego

  5. I just discovered your blog by way of Barbara's and I'm so glad.

    This blogging thing is scary at first, but you will always decide whether you wear a one-piece suit or...less. The art community is nearly troll-less, sunny and warm.

    Looking forward to viewing more of your brilliant work and reading your thoughtful words.

  6. Dear Melinda,

I am delighted by your visit and your comment, and by your humorous engaging insight / observations.
    As a matter of fact I do wear a one piece, my bikini days are long over but I took good advantage of them while they lasted. 

    Blogging isn’t so scary as long as there are people like yourself and Barbara around!

Btw. I’m a big fan of your work!