Monday, November 23, 2009

Dashing off...

Portrait head of Lita, clay version.

Today I’ll take a rest from the tyranny of words for a few hours. It’s mutual, they need a rest from me. We overwork one another. Like overbuilding and overworking clay, then having to carve back into it to find the original form, intent, impression which often gets lost. The day outside sparkles. The gods are being quite generous with us for this time of year, weather wise. I guess it’s no skin off their nose.


  1. Hi Marcia,

    What a snob! This gorgeous work, and then an off the cuff denunciation of the words you produce as easily as you might make coffee. If this is you off words, I hesitate to imagine the gems you'll produce when you decide you're "on." What pleasure to seek out your blog and find another entry already. Be careful. You are in the stable stage. We blog searchers are allergic to dry spells. So unless you have more than a year's supply of work, Woah girl. Don't get us too excited right off the bat. This work is magnificent beyond compare.

    Can I talk about you on my blog tonight and steal a photo? Then maybe I can go have a tea and "chillax".


  2. Dear Marcia,

    all this anatomy chat reminds me of my nursing students and their agony over the parts of the brain. I don't kiss sculptures, not even yours.
    the parts of my brain are fading fast, and I must go now. But I don't know what you're talking about.


  3. Hi Barbara, I was making a silly little joke. Sorry!! The patella is the very complicated, vulnerable part of the knee joint the pivotal part. And Michelangelo handled it so well. I wouldn't want to kiss it either but I might want to feel it.

  4. Hello - and welcome to blogging... As your "first" follower, let me introduce myself as an artist who thinks sculpture, but paints. Yes, sculpture is incredibly labor intensive, and one of the hardest ways to try and make a living. I began to paint out of sheer frustration - and I'm glad I stuck with it, but my heart remains in the third dimension.

    This portrait head is just beautiful, and I look forward to seeing more - and to see you paint as well.

  5. Dear Patrice,
    Thank you for your lovely remarks! I can tell by looking at your work (I just visited your blog) that you most certainly do think sculpture. It shows in your work. However I'm not so sure that I can think in paint although I do intend to try from time to time.
    Thanks again for dropping by!