Friday, July 13, 2012

Cool of the morning

Three am - very late to be pecking away at some blog – wouldn’t my time more profitably be spent sleeping?  I’ll pay for it later – but the coolness of early morning is disarmingly fresh and earlier in the day I felt drugged by the heat. As the Tour de France has finished it’s arduous mountain stage, we here in Hamilton are roasting and embarking on the second stage of a July heat wave – so intense this heat wave that one doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Both I think  – tears and laughter but more importantly, a limitless supply of  clear water to sip.

Strathmore 18"x24" chalk
mcohenlabelle (MCL) © 2012

Manilla 18"x24" chalk
mcohenlabelle (MCL) © 2012


  1. So beautiful. The heat is relentless. Our little window air conditioners struggle away trying to cope, but it is draining.

    I don't care how late it is when you work, as long as I get to see the results. Selfish I know.

    Love your work.



    1. Thank you Barbara!
      I say take to the water and/or dispense with clothing entirely.
      Only bundle up when it gets cold, when you absolutely have to – right now I’m completely at a loss as to what cold feels like.
      I'm thinking in less than a week you'll be within steps to the mighty Atlantic - lucky girl!

      Love, Marcia

  2. Isn't it funny. It has been even colder and wetter than ever in the UK this summer. I have to keep putting the central heating on. Your drawings are so sensitive. I feel bad not having gone to life sessions lately. Looking at your work makes me want to go back soon.

    1. Thanks, Sheila!
      It is funny that we have to navigate around these extremes in temp, isn't it? - barely a middle ground.
      I was in London the last two weeks of May. The first week was unseasonably cold, I was told. We had to crank up the boiler in our flat - but the second week was surprisingly hot!
      Since you're a great drawer I can see you missing your life sessions but on the other hand you seem to be having a whale of a time painting - so much so that it's making me yearn to paint! So there you go!

  3. As always, I love to look at your drawings and explore the way you use colour so sparingly, but so effectively.

    Our heat wave finally broke- clouds and rain rolled in last night. Whew!

    1. Oh thank you Nicki! I do so appreciate your coming by. Coincidentally I have just been visiting your blog and enjoying immensely your beautiful prairie landscapes.

      I'm hoping later in the week we’ll be getting some rain – keeping my fingers crossed!!!

  4. Light dances beautifully across these two figures, as one sees shadows advance. Beautiful work!

    Sometimes 3 am is the best time to work!

    Hope things are cooling off for your region. Amazing heat this summer.

    1. Thank you Melinda!
      The idea of dancing light and advancing shadows is giving me ideas – thank you!
      It’s true that there are benefits to being nocturnal, a great privilege really – one can reflect with a different kind of objectivity during those sanctified early morning hours.
      The heat this summer is far more intense than it’s ever been – giving me a feeling of kinship with those south of the equator – their psychology, lifestyle – less emphasis on being efficient – being less of an uptight Canadian. But what I most love about summer is the long hours of light.
      Your latest painting is simply raphsodic!

      xo, Marcia

  5. These are so wonderful drawings, like always I love them :) specially the yellow light is so beautiful... and I also feel very inspired!

  6. Hi Marcia!
    That first drawing is very sculptural and it reminds me of your work. ;)
    The heat of this summer has been oppressive….even here in Nova Scotia. My poor vegetable garden. Still, she is producing, but the beans and tomatoes are smaller than last year and more dense.
    Marcia, I'm using a new host for my blog and that's why your link isn't updating. The address is