Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New at it

This is a model who I drew sometime ago. He was inexperienced as a model and felt awkward and uncomfortable while posing. He was even in some pain because he worked out at a gym and had hurt himself. He came at most for two sessions but not  for the third booking. 
I realize of course that I enjoyed drawing him,  much more than he enjoyed sitting.

manilla 18"x24" charcoal


  1. I like the tension in these and the
    unsophisticated relaxation of the sitter.
    Clearly he didn't know how good he was,
    or that the woman drawing him was a superb



  2. Love that relaxed flowing line and also the smudging in the third piece. I am going to do some smudging tonight hopefully. It feels good to make a mess with the charcoal then draw into it.

  3. Thank you Barbara! It was a pleasure to draw him as I too would have felt quite uptight had I been the model, so I fully empathised with that - but he didn't show up for the third Sunday - since then J has not tried to rebook him.
    love, Marcia

  4. Hi Sheila, I give you my blessing and full license to make a thorough, untidy, mess tonight with your dusty chalks and in so doing have a wild time - for out of the vagaries of your smudges comes poetry and logic!
    tra la, Marcia

  5. You really captured the awkwardness, Marcia.
    I feel like saying to him, relax! The middle one is my favourite, for its loose and flowing lines - so good!

  6. Thank you Liza! I really enjoyed drawing that young man - or at least I really enjoyed looking at him which I suppose amounts to the same thing.
    Btw, I am very blown away by your London paintings!!!