Thursday, November 10, 2011

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It will be sad to see this model leave, particularly since I can never do him justice. After all a five finger exercise is mostly just that, a five finger exercise which of course is what it’s meant to be.
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compressed charcoal on bond 18"x24"

pastel and compressed charcoal on bond 18"x24"

chalk strathmore 18"x24"

chalk strathmore

charcoal manilla 18"x24"


  1. That's it. Thanks so much for posting these beautiful drawings. Your talent is an awesome gift to the rest of us.



  2. These are just great Marcia.
    Especially the drawing at the top.
    Such a great feeling of line and emotion.

  3. great drawings...they all have beautiful energy

  4. Wonderful drawings Marcia!! The way you use the color is fabulous!!!

  5. Marcia - these are just fantastic drawings - it is the spirit of exploration, that constant concentration on process and not finished product that imbues them. Just beautiful.

  6. Excellent work, Marcia. I am always impressed that in a short time frame, you are able to infuse your drawings with life and mood. Looking forward to more of your lovely drawings.

  7. Thank you Barbara! Believe it or not I never tire of receiving your encouragement! Purr, purrr - saucer of milk
    love, Marcia

  8. Hi Doug! Thank you! In some ways I prefer the black and white at the top too. I used to use a printing paper that I can't get anymore that took black conte and carbon pencil really well. Lately I've been meaning to try stonehenge which is reasonably priced and I'm sure great to work on.
    Do you have a favorite paper that you use?

  9. Thank you Celeste for this wonderful compliment and for visiting my blog!!!

  10. Kathrin thank you!! I am very glad that you like the use of color. The studio we draw in is invariably very dark and the time short so I'm never sure how the color will work out - especially since I'm not very systematic either.

  11. Sheila it's a pleasure to receive your comment because I know you have a great love of drawing yourself and I admire your work so much -moreover your range and breadth of work is always extremely impressive and exciting to me!

  12. Thank you Melinda! especially since drawing is one of my pure and selfish enjoyments - in some ways like reading in bed! As the saying goes it almost makes an honest woman of me!
    xo, Marcia

  13. Capisco la tua insoddisfazione, cara Marcia, però alcuni lavori sono davvero buoni, non è facile lavorare con il carboncino e sfumarlo con le dita, se poi aggiungi anche i colori allora la cosa si complica ulteriormente. Sei molto brava e lo si vede anche da altre tue opere. Ciao e buona settimana.