Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Beverly Swamp

Last week I was the last person  to pack up and leave at Paddy Green’s Road that runs between Jerseyville Rd. and Slote Rd. That’s ok – I came late. 
A truck from the conservation authority pulled up just as I was getting into my car (very foggy by this time) and the driver rolled down his window and spoke to me asking if I was planning to return next week. Actually ‘yes’ I replied – one more time next Tuesday. 
Then he explained that starting next Monday Native people had a license to hunt deer in this area for the next four weeks. We talked about that. They’d be using bows and arrows and shotguns - their target was to kill about eighty deer. They were from Six Nations and would be hunting Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays right through to December 21st.  I thanked him for telling me.  That left Thursday through Sunday open.  Nevertheless today we met at Beverly swamp on Middleton Rd between 5th and 6th concession – a significant distance from Paddy Green’s. 

oil on canvas 14"x11"

2nd sketch 9x11 night photo with intention of reshooting

above rendered as black and white


  1. Oh, it's a beutiful spot. This is so full of mood - I absolutely love it Marcia. Gorgeous work.

  2. Very mystic and dark mood! And I love the color! Expressive painting.

  3. Awesome work Marcia, and scary story. This reminds me of picnicking in France with my brother and his girlfriend, when shots rang out across the river. We packed up our delicious lunch and vamoosed. Just like the poor Moose being culled in Newfoundland.

    Love Barbara

  4. Oh, my! This is stunning. Your intuitive sense of composition is perfect. Glad you're safe at home now!

  5. Beautiful work Marcia! I love how you handle oils.

  6. Hi Kim,

    Thank you!!! It is a beautiful spot. I would imagine you've been there a zillion times! Everyone met in Troy this week but when I saw the forecast and stepped outside, I chickened out and then perversely, regretted not going! - need to be a bit rugged this time of year

  7. Hi Kathrin,
    Well I may have a brooding side to my disposition or maybe I've cultivated that over the years ha ha but joking aside - it's a good thing I can wield a brush or else I might be a a nuisance or a menace or even something worse to my family, to say the least, ha ha! So I thank you for your comment as always!!

  8. Hi Barbara, quite honestly I didn't know about the moose situation in Nfld.
    In our region just recently the wonderful partner of a close friend of ours was tragically killed when her car collided with a deer late at night while she was driving to Sudbury to visit her parents. As for 'deer management' - I didn't learn about that until the following week!
    But the Haudensaunee - 'people of the longhouse' do have treaty rights in this area.
    I actually had the privilege of visiting their longhouse in the summer of 2003. A lot of us were protesting the building of the Red Hill Valley Expressway which would destroy a large, (640 hectare) conservation area which was also the site of Native burial ground, and an archeological site for a former native village. The creek that flowed through this valley also served as a migratory stream for spawning Chinook salmon and other species.
    David, as a member of the ‘show stoppers’, dressed up as a flying squirrel, With other members of this group, they staged a visit to Dufferin construction to plead with them not to pour concrete over the Red Hill Valley!
    At that time, Norm Jacobs, a chief of the Confederacy was in charge of environmental issues concerning the Valley. When David and another friend visited Chief Jacobs in the hospital, he presented them with a special document giving them authority as keepers or guardians of the Red Hill Valley to protect it from such travesties as expressways. So much for that!
    Later, when Norm Jacobs died, we were invited to his funeral ceremony at the Six Nations Longhouse. It was very beautiful, very moving.
    love, Marcia

  9. Melinda, if I had just a smidgeon of your intuitive sensibility, I’d be walking on air. That said, I learn from you! and I thank you for the compliment!!!

  10. Thank you Flora!!!! I love the way you work with acrylics! The paintings you've produced over the last several months are exceptionally beautiful!!!
    xo, Marcia