Sunday, September 11, 2011

Tub and post

These two small pieces (oil) are extracted from the time I spent on the second floor of the old post office in Dundas.


  1. Super paintings. Cool subject matter. I thought your title was about some new computer program.



  2. I thought maybe your post might refer to a new pub you'd visited recently! Ha! Loved what Barbara wrote.

    These two images are fantastic. There is a feeling of Diebenkorn here--like on the verge of abstraction. Major wow for me.

    Excellent work!

  3. These are very cool. Ironic for me to see these now as recently I saw some paintings that were of little bits of interiors (a window, a chair, even just floor moldings) and couldn't get them out of my head and decided at some point I really want to try some like that.

  4. Thank you Barbara,
    I have enormous respect for programs and programmers and dissemination of code – but I shall never be at that level. I can only execute broad strokes, approximate at best – a stroke in the dark as it were.
    Love, Marcia

  5. Melinda, I think a visit to a pub is definitely in order! You have planted an idea that I will try to follow up and furthermore, I enjoy and appreciate your wit and Barbara's too - and your humor! And if I do another take on this I'll be calling it Pub and Post or Post and Pub or Suds and Post or something like that and thank you very, very much for the reference to Diebenkorn!!!
    xo Marcia

  6. That’s a lovely comment Jala! Sections of interior space can be extremely evocative. There is the coming together of texture and light. I’d love to see you play around with that sort of thing. Your pastels would lend itself really well to that!

  7. How did I miss these?!
    You show a real knack for interiors.
    So why not paint some at the pubandtoast?

  8. Cheers, Sam! I'll drink to that. Thank you!