Friday, September 23, 2011

Reversing irreversibles...

Last Sunday was such a beautiful day, I had the supreme longing to go for a bicycle ride but my husband said, “you better go draw, anyway I have work to do.”
To make matters slightly more banal I had a stiff neck, however I went to draw with a stiff neck. During  pose breaks I marvelled with awe and envy while the model stretched her spine, neck and limbs catlike  in a yoga-like workout.
Then I solicited commiseration from fellow drawers and we discussed diagnoses and cause and strategies for cure and prevention – heat, ibuprofen, tai chi, Pilates, massage, yoga, Alexander technique, and the miraculous reversible irreversibles of aging which is to go for a bicycle ride, or swim or walk and to strictly limit one’s sedentary activity at  a computer just as I am doing right now - this very minute.
Then it was time for the model to resume her pose. 

18"x24" soft pastel on Strathmore

18"x24" charcoal on Manilla

18"x24" compressed charcoal Manilla

18"x24" vine charcoal on Manilla


  1. I love your drawings! It's fun to see what a difference your tools make.

  2. Awesome drawings in one session. Heat bags on the neck help a lot. I swear by my chiro, who could undo that neck of yours in one or two sessions. Plus relax, relax, relax -- none of it matters enough for a tense neck. Good for David encouraging your brilliant art.



  3. So wonderful your drawings! I like the mystic blue aura around the pastel. Do you also create sculptures from figures? A few days ago I saw the movie about "Camille Claudel", she was so gorgeous!

  4. Beautiful drawings, Marcia, and I love the color combination you've used - really lovely!

  5. Marcia, I get so much pleasure from your drawings. Thank you for sharing them on your blog.

  6. beautiful drawings. One would never guess that you were in pain!

  7. Fantastic light and color and skill in these drawings.

    I am very sorry for your pain. I'm glad that it didn't keep you from making such beautiful images.

    Hope you're feeling fully recovered by now!

  8. Hi Linda
    Forgive me if I am setting an all time record for procrastination. Still I appreciated your comments so very much! Many, many thanks!

  9. Barbara,
    While it’s true that all my residual angst and tension heads for my neck or descends from my head to my shoulders – in this case I can claim another culprit – a sprained neck! That was my doc’s pronouncement who I went to see last Monday. So maybe I could use a session with your chiro. Stupid me to attempt the lifting and moving of an unwieldy mattress, the weight of which, dragged me down for the duration of several weeks. Yes, heat bags , white wine, advil and massage – those have become a few of my favorite things.
    I'm on the mend, I'm on the mend. In the meantime thank you for your lovely comments and concern.

    love, Marcia

  10. Kathrin, I've been out of commission for over a month but thank you so much for wonderful comments!!
    I saw the film about Claudel that you mention. I wish someone would also make a film about two other assistants of Rodin who helped him immeasurably and were great sculptors - I'm referring to Antoine Bourdelle and Aristide Maillol.
    I think working on small maquettes is something I should be doing. Thanks for asking that! Beautiful work you've been doing!
    Take care!

  11. Connie, I love your visits and your comments and your tango dancers!

  12. Mary, thank you for saying that!!!! I was only in pain when I moved my head - but keeping subversive thoughts and feelings to myself was something I learned at an early age - ha ha!
    Take care, Marcia

  13. Nicki, thank you!!! I always delight in visiting your blog and seeing your work - beautiful paintings of a landscape where I spent some of my early years!
    xo Marcia

  14. Melinda, thank you for your beautiful, caring thoughts!!!
    Now that I know that my pain is only muscular and not something more egregious like a pinched nerve, I feel quite relieved - anyway it giveth me an excuse to read long, uninterrupted hours into day and/or night - the only concern I suppose is that my demands don't seem too constant and/or capricious for my darling mate to tolerate - ah well, tit for tat - that is to say - he too, requires attention from time to time.

    In some ways this whole episode reminds me of my dad who suffered occasional bouts of back spasm - rendering him suddenly helpless, irritable, restless, impatient - relying solely on my mom to service his modest requests which lasted approximately a week and then he was off and running. Although he was wonderful as a doctor he was totally miserable as a patient.

    Forgive the tangent!

    xo, Marcia