Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Waiting for the moon

La Luna

I took this photo one day ago at 3 am

One  day ago was the lunar eclipse  I already knew that it was imminent because I read about it on SamArtdDog’s blog.

In preparation for this rare event, David took an early evening nap and then exulted in the midnight air and lingering outside in front of our house, popped in and out to report.  About two am he urged me to come out and take a look because it was starting to happen. He sounded both alarmed and excited.
I scrambled to put on boots and coat over pyjamas but if it hadn’t been chilly I could have run out naked because there wasn’t a soul to be seen except for a lonely car delivering the Globe and Mail. I took a bunch of pictures and thought I would return to my bed. But at 3 am I was summoned to return to the street. It was magical! Truly! I snapped more photos (the moon shot from a cannon) and then I did go back to bed so I missed the grand finale and curtain call. ah well - she shrugs
Of course the members of the Flat Earth Society have their own interpretation – they said that the shadow could have been cast by any celestial body.

Many lunar eclipses ago  in my green faux suede dress and hand crafted Russian boots, I wrote a poem to the moon. It goes:

The moon is a womb and a moldy sigh, 
Soured in wine and three days high.

Below are two unfinished drawings  that I consider to have a moon like quality which I title 'Waiting for the Moon'
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  1. Nice photo! Definitely worth getting up in the middle of the night. And these are very expressive sketches. Yes, I agree that she's quite "moony".

  2. Are you adorable or what? Fake suede dress. Your photo is spectacular. I seemed to be yanked out of sleep to see the moldy three days high spectacle, and was impressed. Too bad you don't live next door, we could have partied. It did seem propitious. Sorry you missed the dramatic red ending. It was worth the price of admission.
    Super drawings. What a girl!

    Love Barbara

  3. Spectacular. Stupendous. Intriguing. Beguiling. And, these are just the words that describe your poem and artwork.

    The moon...I have no words for such a remarkable photo.

    Thank you for sharing it, and for sharing your light with us.

  4. Beautiful photo and I LOVE the drawings!

  5. Lovely drawings as ever Marcia. The Flat Earth Society, they sound nuts.... I want to join :))))))))

  6. Hi Peter, Thank you!!!
    Yes, FES - me too - but if we were living in the time of Galileo, we might not be so amused and charmed by them nor they us!

  7. Thank you Connie and a belated happy New Year!!!!

  8. Melinda your adjectives are too beguiling for words!!!! Maybe you could move here for an extended visit.!!!! Belated happy New Year!!!
    Virtual hugs to you and Edgar - full marks to cactus candy!

  9. Barbara what they say is true - my youth was wasted on the young. If I'd only known!- if it's not too late let's party now!!!!
    love, Marcia

  10. All the credit for getting up in the middle of the night goes to M David but ah the night air was giddy making. Thank you for your comments -
    I didn't use a tripod so it was quite an adventure to get the moon to stay still.