Sunday, July 4, 2010

low light midsummer's eve

Hilda's place, concession 2 
soft pastel 11"x15 on illustration board prepared ground

I remember meeting at this place in June of 2008 early evening. There was an abundance of rhubarb which  Cathy Gibbon encouraged us to pick. The next day I made a large quantity of rhubarb sauce to have with our morning toast.

Dear neighbors to the south, have a wonderful Independence Day! You have a magnificent country which of course, you already know.


  1. Hi Marcia,

    I am just sitting here saying wow wow wow as is my wont. This has the mastery or mstery of the classics with the punch of the modern palette and eye. Fantastic.


  2. What a great splash of rhubarb red!

  3. Oh Barbara, thank you! You are always so generous and supportive with your comments!
    Have a totally fantastic vacation and rest in Nova Scotia! I’ll be thinking about you.
    Love, Marcia

  4. Thank you Sam Artdog!
    I guess there is something to be said for good ingredients. I was just starting to use Great American Art Works pastels which you may be familiar with. As for the rhubarb –I remember that it was splendid with plain yogurt.

  5. Whoa! These rich colors are stunning and the composition is lovely. I like your marking in the sky. And, that lower right section with the vibration between the golden color and the red is fantastic.

    Looking forward to many more of these landscapes!

  6. Thank you Melinda! I just listened to your delightful, bluesy guitar piece. You are really multi talented – so now when I hear the word ‘vibration’ I think immediately of you and of your recent painting and the walking beat soundtrack that goes with it. yes, yes I know – vibration refers to the relationship between colors - but for you it goes beyond the jargon because you can hear it, feel it, and see it! – lucky you