Wednesday, July 7, 2010


10 minute gesture - charcoal on manilla

Our neck of the woods is feverish – Hamilton has a temperature and the Celsius is rising. 
No it’s not social unrest. It’s called summer. I’m the patient. What to do?  I could take a Tylenol or I could go for a swim – I’ll opt for that.

Victoria pool is a 5 min bike ride to the north, Ryerson is even closer to the east – Coronation is closed for renovations  (tragic) but Dundas has a salt water pool 15 kilometres to the west. Actually this city has about 70 pools  all easily accessible   by foot bicycle bus or car. There’s even our bay front harbor, replete with geese and a swan - lake Ontario with a stretch of beach and cottages going back to the 20’s – the water is still a wee bit polluted (steel factories nearby) – I’ll put a hold on that option.  

my young jenny and her dad

and a more recent young jenny grown up



  1. Hi Marcia,

    Beautiful drawing. 34 Celsius is 93.2 Fahrenheit.
    We've had a disagreement about fans, and I had the genius idea to sleep with freezer bags. It was working until my computer woke me up to see this amazing drawing. Such a hot artist. You don't explain who Jenny the beauty is.


  2. Barbara,
    Freezer bags! How resourceful – you may be onto something. I am vulnerable in heat waves, easily addled as I was last night. The only thing that keeps me sane is immersion in a body of water, even if it’s artificial which David deplores. A lake would be nice, an ocean – something fresh, but failing that, the bath tub or a pool.
    So the gesture is of a young woman flopping over, drooping, perhaps autobiographical – it could be me. I’m glad you like it. and yes Jenny is beautiful – thank you for noting that – even if she is my daughter. I kept switching photographs and had an impossible time putting them in place. Is it google or is it me. I need a book called ‘posting for dummies’
    Is it shameless and self indulgent to post photographs of one’s own family. I tried to tie it loosely to the theme of summer, unbearable heat, barely bearable heat and the relief of water – it’s biblical in scope really - haha. I barely scratched the surface.
    In some ways I love this pronounced, exaggerated heat, it can be stifling but also liberating. I have a sultry, Mediterranean disposition to my nature which this weather brings out – likely inherited from my grandmother who would lather herself with olive oil as she sunbathed on the deck of my parent’s pool.
    Love you,

  3. You work is lovely - I'm just stopping by now, but will be back to look at more of your postings.

  4. Thank you Lisa.
    Your work is downright beautiful and you manage to get something down every day! It's fantastic that you can do that!

  5. I like your drawings, Marcia. The lines and areas are moved and you show the movement perfectly.

    It is very difficult to show this position!

    Greatings from Berlin, Germany sends you Susanne

  6. Thank you, Susanne! I just took a look at your blog and although the German is a struggle for me, I can see that you are a terrific drawer!!!

  7. I like your Celsius draw too much!! regards, from Argentina... Gabriela.-