Saturday, February 20, 2010

On Sunday Afternoons

Sitting I
Drawing in chalk on bond paper, 18x24

Sitting II - a few changes

Drawing in chalk on bond paper, 18x24

Drawing in chalk on manilla - 18x24

Now for the past month and a half I’ve been drawing Sunday afternoons on James North. It’s a corner building at James and Mulberry up three flights of stairs. There is a pool hall on the ground level and I would love to go in for a game of snooker. My father and brother taught me to play snooker when I was a little girl and I loved it. 
But my husband is of the opinion that these men are old world and the presence of a woman in their midst might confuse them. So I have to put that temptation aside for the moment, but I haven’t given up on it entirely. I’m convinced that if I expressed my sincere fascination with what ever game of pool  or billiards it is  they do play,  that even if they were hesitant or cautious, they'd at least be polite or even welcoming or even better, indifferent? Surely not hostile! Besides I wouldn't be alone. David, my husband, my protector would be with me. Eventually they'd accept me. It is a little absurd isn't it?
Still I am curious.


  1. Marcia these are wonderful drawings with an energy in the swirls around them...
    as for the games of pool on Sundays, does that mean you won't draw? i'd much prefer to see your drawings:)

  2. Hi Marcia,

    These drawings are beautiful. So inspiring. I think you'd fare much better with the snooker, without your dear "Protector". I'm sure the men are entirely safe and would enjoy your company.

    You are certainly adorable, and must make David feel so manly with that definition. Sweet.


  3. These drawings, particularly Sitting I and Sitting II, are beautifully rendered, full of expression and movement. I'm in awe of your drawings, really.

    Now, I propose that you walk into the place like you own it, not with arrogance, but with confidence and without apology. Those old days are gone, or at least they should be!

  4. Rahina,
    I appreciate your comments and thank you for steering me in the right direction.
    I did draw on Sunday, I climbed the three flights of stairs to Jessica's studio with barely a backward glance. It was probably just the machismo of the pool hall that attracted me in the first place but when I took a second look I could only see one small pool table so there was no contest between that and drawing.
    But there is a real pool hall on York and Dundurn and I will definitely try to fit that one in. Besides there is a similarity between pool and drawing. It’s spatial, geometric,obsessive, there are angles to consider, you have to focus and aim and calculate the pressure of the cue etc etc

  5. Hi Barbara,
    When it comes to this sort of thing, I have my little fantasies I can visualize myself leaning over the table and scattering the balls into all the pockets. And the green felt on the table feels lovely as do the multi colored spinning balls –
    David loves pool too – he used to play with a guy in Toronto during his UPI days, who had his own custom built cue. Besides David is a sweet heart – he often lets me win.
    Actually David, accidentally read my post and hooted and roared at the word ‘protector’. In fact he sees it the other way around – he looks on me as his protector!
    Anyway - Thank you for your kind words!
    You’re adorable!

    xoxoxoxoxo, Marcia

  6. Melinda – great advice! What would I do without you?!
    As you know sometimes one exaggerates, misinterprets, misreads - moi
    When I came down from drawing Sunday afternoon around four, many of the men from the pool hall were on the sidewalk enjoying cigarettes, puffing away without a care in the world, (without a cloud in the sky) - and we smiled at one another and they looked perfectly harmless. And when I do walk into their little club or into any pool hall, I will do so with utmost aplomb! Thanks again for for such an excellent suggestion!!!
    XO Marcia

  7. good work with drawing...
    the anatomy is well rendered...
    thanks for giving out such beautiful artworks through the net...

  8. I love your drawing, simple but very expressive.
    You should definitely go and play. Have fun, life is short, so if you feel like it, go for it. I'm sure the men would love you (as long as you are not better then they are),and if they are confused use that to your advantage.

  9. Jyothisethu,

    It is a pleasure to have a visit from you, an artist all the way from Kerala! And thank you also for your very kind comments!

  10. Violetta,

    I couldn’t agree with you more! Even though I wrote this post partly in jest, I share your sentiments completely!
    Also thank you for the lovely comments about my work.