Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Last Winter's Snow

Winter woods  study -pastel, 14"x10" on prepared  pumice ground on water colour paper

This was actually February or March from two years ago - somewhere between Dundas and Guelph. (I do have the map  in a binder somewhere -  I'm just too indolent to look it up.) I did a number of winter plein air sessions with the great Catherine Gibbon. It was slippery underfoot, beneath the snow. Because it had melted and then grown cold there was a layer of ice beneath the snow and it was treacherous trying to get from a to b  but nonetheless very pleasant to be outside for a couple of hours – most of the time being taken up with lugging materials and setting up.

Now two years later - early afternoon I had a wild time cycling around my neighborhood on my new bicycle,  the Kona Honky Tonk – up and down local streets.  But there was a promise of snow to come from the  weather people and not to prove them wrong or disappoint them,  it’s now here. Snow. It has arrived with moderate abundance. The weather, the weather – how exciting, how exasperating, how marvelous, how banal, how inevitable the weather.


  1. Hi Marcia,

    I was so inspired and gratified when I saw this. I found it after a passionate bout of desk cleaning, and then windexing mirrors and sinks. Aha I said. Art is calling! Marcia is back. There's a reason to stop cleaning and start dreaming! Thanks for the inspiration as always.

  2. ...and a strong burnt sienna that dances with brother cerulean and sister violet light
    and texture
    a staircase vined
    strong enough to climb to safety in a winter of doubt.

    So glad to see you back! Your work is always moving and lovely.

  3. Is it Art calling Marcia back or is it Barbara!? In my thinking I feel that these two personages are practically identical, launched upon the world like twins – first one and then the other in rapid succession. I’m more than convinced Barbara, that inspiration comes from you!

  4. You have an incredible and thoroughly sensational poetic bent, Melinda!!! You can’t begin to imagine to what extent your words are a delight to me – because they are pure delight!! Your words are an elixir!!!


  5. I hoped as much that they would be as delightful as the light at sunset glowing through the translucent leaves which hang from a railing, calling your name to eat of the elixir and rejoice.

    It's been a long time since I've read Lorca. Guess you can tell I get carried away. I do every time I see your beautiful and strong work.

    Looking forward to many more.

  6. hi Marcia, magical atmosphere!

  7. Thank you Rahina. I love the portraits that you've been doing recently and have just left a comment on your blog.


  8. Hi Marcia, I must admit that I haven't been here on your blog for quite a while, but I got so frustrated about my problems with leaving a comment that I somehow gave up. This is another try and I so hope it will work this time! Anyway, it is great to see your latest work - I am very impressed by your nude drawings!! - and I will try to have a look more regularly. I simply find it a bit overwhelming sometimes, all that information there is out there in the world wide web!
    Take care,

  9. Liza,
    it’s so sweet of you to drop by! I understand completely your concerns about time constraints, especially since you manage to post new work on a daily basis. I’m in awe of that. I quite honestly don’t know how you do it. But you do! And you’re latest series of ‘my things’ is a knock out – I love it.
    Also you’re right to sound a cautionary note about the internet – it can gobble up an awful lot of time.
    That said, I am so pleased to have your visit!