Monday, April 10, 2017

Small Change

The innocent penny, now extinct and other coins. The penny is made of almost pure copper. The nickel is made of nickel that comes from mines in Sudbury in our near/far Ontario north featuring our industrious beaver -- and he/she too, might be the next to go on the chopping block. Then there's big or significant change like the loonie and toonie. The toonie so called because it replaced our two dollar bill years ago. The loonie -- named after our mournful songbird, the loon.
Why do we call it change? As a child, I was obsessed with change, I used to crave it -- filthy lucre. I searched for it in the tight recesses of our stuffed sofas and on the fair grounds where we lived in small prairie towns. I would dream about finding unlimited piles of change and wake up empty handed of course.
Now when I think about my infatuation with change it all seems somewhat pointless and absurd.

Charcoal, pastel and assorted coinage on typewriter paper 
8½ x11 © mcl 


  1. Love this. In a tight money squeeze the change in my change purse saved the day for me today, and two toonies let me buy some tulips. I still love change.

    And this drawing, and photo.


  2. Thank you, Barbara. I've always loved change, not a day goes by when I'm not unaware of their tactile allure.
    xoxo, Marcia