Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Late November one year ago

Our weather is predictably inconsistent  or consistently unpredictable. It was comparatively balmy this time a year ago. I spent an afternoon on a farm near Troy off highway 5. There might have been a fierce wind but nothing like the sub zero temperatures we've experienced the last few days let alone the icy sidewalks and certainly nothing like the five feet of snow Buffalo has endured in the last day or so brrrr

Field near Troy pastel on gessoed illustration board 11"x14"
©mcohenlabelle Nov 27 2013


  1. True, last November was milder and then Whomp! The Ice Storm!!!! Not fun. This is beautiful. I braved the snow today to go and see the Colville. It was so worth it.

    Love your work. XOXOXOXO Barbara

  2. I saw the Coleville too and then went and looked at the Soutine and Pascin which may be down by now.
    Yes, the ice storm was both beautiful and treacherous.
    Thank you for your comment - your work is uber schön!
    xo, Marcia