Saturday, March 3, 2012

Notebook drawing - stay at home day

The wind tore  several shingles off our roof last night and blew our rain barrel out onto the street. I could feel the entire house shaking at times - I shuddered and marvelled as I drifted in and out of sleep.
We’re quite exposed on the west side and from the north west and south west sides. D got very agitated running in and out – urged me to take a look. But I’m much more placid – nothing can dislodge me until I’ve had my morning brew i.e. coffee. Our little micro climate is being tested!

Jenny - carbon pencil on bond 8"x10½"

Jenny - earlier drawing, carbon pencil on bond 8"x10½"


  1. What gorgeous drawings! I see such pathos in both of these. I'm dazzled. You know, I immediately thought of Da Vinci. Really.

    I'm so sorry about the weather though. Sure hope things settle down soon.

  2. Melinda thank you so much for your comments and your kind thoughts! The roof is now fixed thank goodness because tomorrow it’s supposed to pour. And of course the wind has died down but it really was brutal while it lasted – only glad it wasn’t worse.
    I have been thinking about you and missing your wonderful posts – I imagine you are using your days to paint in preparation for your artist in residence position at the Grand Canyon. I am excited for you and hope you will find time between now and then to do a bit of blogging.

    in the meantime, xo, Marcia

  3. I love the mood in these drawings and know that they are Jenny growing. What a beautiful young woman, and talented mother. I love the depth of emotion in them, all that love and worry. Wasn't that a heck of a wind. I was awake all night listening, while the other passengers through the night in my house slept oblivious of nature's play.

    Take care,



  4. It was a heck of wind wasn't it? I love nature's play but not at my expense.
    I love drawing the Jen, should do more - a question of proximity I guess. Thanks for your sweet comments!!!
    love, Marcia

  5. Marcia - beautiful and sensitive drawings - so gently done. Love them.