Monday, May 3, 2010

rest along the way

 seated figure carbon pencil 18' x 24' Fabriano paper

This was another theme pose. The same person who conceived of the Easter crucifixion theme  presented us with the  notion for this pose – he wanted to ‘drama it up’ as it were.
It  was a three hour pose with breaks for all of us to stretch and for some of us to sharpen our pencils.

So our model last Sunday was meant to be a pilgrim taking a rest on her way to Santiago. But in reality the model at the end of the afternoon would just be heading back to Grimsby, a lovely town to the south of us on the Niagara escarpment – where there are vineyards and wineries. And at this time of year - orchards of fruit trees in blossom! That indeed would be worth a pilgrimage. 


  1. Hi Marcia,

    What a lovely drawing! The model looks like she's thinking of the rest she'll have back home enjoying the fruit trees, and perhaps some romance. The thought of a naked pilgrimage is quite amusing actually -- given how strictly uptight most religious organizations are.

    Love this drawing and your consummate skill.


  2. Thank you Barbara.
    Perhaps there is something ludicrous about the narrative, illustrative aspect to this drawing- for whatever reason neither fish nor fowl.

    While it’s always a privilege to have an opportunity to draw from life, three hours is no time at all to go over a drawing this size inch by inch. Even nine hours wouldn’t have been too much time. Actually this model had fascinating skin tones – very fair, very pale – I’m sure a painter would have been thrilled to paint her.


  3. This is a beautiful drawing. It very much reminds me of Degas with its lyrical and expressive lines. Really lovely.