Monday, January 11, 2010

The Life Drawing Scene

Today I thought it would be a good thing to post a drawing or two since there are so many lying around.

Earlier in the day I'd  prepared a beef stew in my slow cooker and then forgot to  plug it in. I was sure I smelled something good but when I went over to touch it, two and a half hours later it was stone cold. Well we’ll just eat a bit later that’s all – maybe nine, ten o’clock. And if I get hungry before then, I'll drink a glass of wine and nibble.

Charcoal and carbon pencil on Ingres paper, 20" by 26" duration approx 50 min. - last spring in the loft at DVSA - open session

Charcoal and coloured chalk on manilla paper, 30 minute pose - at 270 Sherman North
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Hamilton is starting to have more opportunities to draw from life. Yesterday I drew at an artist’s studio on James North – we shared the cost of the model it was cheap. The model was terrific. Her poses ranged in length from 2 to 5 to 10 milnutes. .Her  poses were challenging and her movement fluid. I'l post something from that session in a day or two.

Wednesday night I’ll draw at 270 Sherman North, again. The building is owned by 270 Sherman North (a group of engineers)  and the Imperial Cotton Centre. Artists are able to rent studios there and there is quite a turnover. Twice a month someone – maybe the engineers, foots the cost of the model and anyone can drop by to draw – 3rd floor. The lighting though is barely adequate. I was there for the first time in mid December. The space is literally cavernous. It was at night and I didn’t see any windows.  I estimated there was easily 20,000 square feet of open space and it was so cold, I  suggested to the model that she not disrobe. However one of the drawers got hold of a couple of small heaters and we proceeded. Actually there were only three of us drawing and occasionally the building manager would walk by staring straight ahead looking neither to the left or right. Bizarre. The model was a little freaked out by this to say the least.
This coming Saturday morning begins 5 weeks of open drawing sessions in the loft at DVSA in Dundas. I’ll go to that.


  1. You have such an incredible talent for drawing as well as sculpture! I see Matisse, Chagall, a touch of Degas, and a beautiful Marcia LaBelle!
    I'm so glad you are finding more drawing opportunities. Great work!

  2. Melinda, your encouragement means a lot to me!
    Thank you very, very much! You are a sweetie!!
    Virtual hugs,

  3. Marcia, Hello. Finally finding a moment to visit your blog. These drawings are wonderful. I have to say I see echoes of your sculptures here. Love the color heightening, too. How long did these take? Looking forward to seeing your quick sketches. I had to laugh at your description of the drawing cavern. Models earn every dime they make. Best regards.

  4. Hi Marcia,

    Beautiful drawings. Yeesh. The things artists do for love, and the super models who pose for them! Cold is not good. Maybe everyone should be
    in snowsuits including the model. Great work.


  5. Candace,

    Thank you for taking a moment to drop by. The model in the first pose sat for just under an hour. The second reclining pose lasted between 25 and 30 minutes. As I mentioned the lighting was lugubrious, and it was the last and longest pose of that weird session and I was exhausted as I had stood for three hours of ridiculously short poses – still I managed not to fall over.
    The model was obviously brave to put up with sub standard conditions.

  6. Thank you Barbara,
    I thought you were going to say – it’s amazing what artists will do for love and money and then what models and everyone else will do who have to suffer along with them.
    A snow suit is a great idea! I’d love to draw someone in a snow suit. But who?

  7. Hello Marcia,
    I have just moved to Hamilton from Winnipeg and I am wondering if you know of any opportunities to get in touch with any of the artists who run groups like this. I would be thrilled if you could get back to me at
    Thanks in advance!

  8. Do you have any idea whom to contact in Hamilton to become a life drawing model and whether anyone's looking for new male models?

  9. Hi Marcia,

    I forot to include my name and contact info in case you do have information on a contact(s) in Hamilton looking for new male models for life drawing. sstragus AT gmail DOT com